Stephanie Enriquez, known as "Art by Lilo," is a modern artist and creator from New York. With a lifelong passion for art and a degree in Fashion & Business, she blends her artistic skills with her experience in the fashion industry. Driven by her love for popular culture, music, and media, Art by Lilo finds inspiration to create contemporary art that resonates with the younger generation. Her artistic vision extends beyond traditional mediums, as she utilizes her drawings and designs to produce and sell her own merchandise.

Her achievements include showcasing her art in open calls throughout NYC. Additionally, she has rented her own space to curate and lead her own art show, showcasing her unique artistic perspective. Through her artistic endeavors, Stephanie Enriquez, aka Art by Lilo, aims to introduce art to new audiences, and create pieces that resonate with people from all walks of life. Her passion, coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, propels her to continuously explore within the realm of contemporary art.